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Friday, December 20, 2013

Indian share market Tips; Free stock tips, cash and future tips for December 20, 2013

Updating on all trading days
Five stock market tips are given free for today's (December 20, 2013) trade on 'The Indian stock market'. This include one index future tip (BANKNIFTY future tip), one stock future tip and three intraday cash tips. Be cautious while trading.
Trading strategy
 Always keep stop loss. After achieving first target (T1) move your stop loss to just below entry level.After achieving second target (T2) move stop loss to first target (T1).


BANKNIFTY Future Tip 20.12.2013

BANKNIFTY Future DECEMBER 26 B-11255 T-11300,11400,11590 SL-11210
S-11045 T-10920,10775,10630 SL-11420

Stock Future Tips 20.12.2013

TECHM Future DECEMBER 26 B-1807 T-1817,1832,1867 SL-1797
S-1777 T-1767,1747,1715 SL-1784

Intraday Cash Tips 20.12.2013

CIPLA B-401.50 T-404,406.50,409.50 SL-399
S-395 T-392.50,390,386 SL-397.50
HCLTECH B-1242.50 T-1252.50,1267.50,1282.50 SL-1235
S-1227 T-1217,1203,1183 SL-1235
ADANIPORTS B-168.70 T-170.40,172.10,175.70 SL-167
S-163 T-161.30,159.60,157.50 SL-164.50
More free stock market tips posted at stockforyouindia
These stock market trading tips are prepared for intraday trading purpose.Trading in market direction is the best option.Always buy only at/above buy (entry) price.Sell only at/below sell (sell) price.Keep strict stop loss for all trades.Not initiate any intraday call after 2.30 PM.Book partial profits (at least 33 per cent) at first target.Those who are going to third target book partial profits at second target (at least 33 per cent) and then move stop loss to T1.Close all intraday positions before 3.15 PM If scrip opens above(buy)/below(sell) target levels then don't trade on that stock or try to trade only when it comes near to entry level.
NB-This post is only for education purpose.Trading on stock market is risky.Trade at your own risk.We are not responsible for any loss booked by the traders.


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