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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Demat account, its importance and how to open

 Demat is the short form of dematerialization.It is defined as the movement from the use of physical certificate into an electronic form.In demat the securities are held electronically instead of physical possession of certificates.
 If you want to save money on a bank a savings account is must.You need to open a demat account to buy or sell stocks.Unlike savings account no minimum shares are required to maintain a DP account.But there is an annual account maintenance fee, which may vary on different DP's.
 Demat account is used to keep all kind of financial assets and instruments like stocks, debentures, bonds, debt and NSC in a dematerialized form.The demat number is quoted When a trade or transaction take place in electronic mode.
 If you have 1000 shares of JP Associates, 100 shares of Reliance Industries and 10 shares of MRF, all your shares are listed on your demat account.If you buy or sell shares they will be adjusted in your account.
The features of Demat system
 Demat system was started in India on 1996 with the introduction of Depository Act.After that the purchasing and transfer of shares become easier because electronic sharing eliminates problems like signature mismatch, postal delays, risk of forgery and certificate damage.
Benefits of demat account
1. It is the easiest way to hold securities
2.One can immediately transfer securities using demat account (Fast)
3.Unlike Physical format it does not require stamp duty for transactions
4.No need to keep papers shares.So it is safe.
5.Paper works are very rare.
6.Transaction cost is very low compared to physical shares.
7.One can sell even if he has only one share.
8.Address change is very easy.Needed only once for all shares in case of change in residence.
9.No need to report the transaction to company.It is done by DP.
10.Only a single demat account is needed to hold all investments.
11.Account holder can do transactions from anywhere.
The difference between the broker and DP
A broker is a member of Stock exchange. They can buy or sell shares either on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients.
DP just provides a safe place to hold the shares bought by the clients.
How to open a demat account-
You have to approach a DP (Depository Participant) to open demat account.Most banks, brokers and other financial institutions are depository participants.You can choose the DP you like.
Complete list of depository participants are available on NSDL and CDSL Websites.

Essential documents required to open a demat account

Identity proof 
Voters ID Card
Driver's license
ID card with photo of the applicant, issued by Central or State government and departments, statutory or regulatory authorities, public sector undertakings scheduled commercial banks, public financial institutions
Photo ID card issued by colleges affiliated to universities to their students, professional bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI or Bar council to their members
Credit card or Debit cards
IT Returns/Electricity Bill/Land Phone Bill
Bank Pass Book

Address Proof
Ration Card
Voter ID Card
Driving licence
Bank Passbook
Electricity Bills (Verified copy only; not more than two months old)
Telephone Bills (Verified copy only; not more than two months old)
Verified copy of leave and license agreement
Verified copy of agreement for sale.
Identity card/ document with address (Issued by Central or State government, statutory or  regulatory bodies, public sector undertakings or scheduled banks
Identity card issued by public financial institutions or professional bodies like ICAI, ICWAI, Bar council etc to their members
Identity card issued by Colleges (affiliated to Universities) to students (Valid till the period of study)

Passport size photograph
Copy of PAN Card
You must have to produce original documents for verification at DP.


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